The COVID-19 Emergency has made General Practice review the way we work.

Be reassured that we are still open to provide services for you but the ways that you connect with us have changed.

In order to keep our staff and our vulnerable patients safe we are still offering a virtual first service. This means when you ring us for an appointment you will be offered a phone or video consultation as the first way to connect to your doctor. If your doctor then feels you need to be seen "in person", this will be arranged with you by your doctor.

You can still book an appointment to see the nurse for smears, immunisations and other injections and for some limited blood pressure checks, but you must ring first for these services.

When you arrive at the door, we will ask you some questions and record your name in our contact register. We are only allowing limited numbers of people in to the building, so if you arrive very early you may be asked to wait in your car.

If you are unwell or have injured yourself and need to be seen today, we are still providing an urgent care service. BUT you must ring us first to access this service, you will be placed on a call list and a GP will call you back to assess your need and arrange for you to come in if needed. All patients with respiratory symptoms will be assessed by phone first and we will arrange for COVID swabbing if indicated.

Remember, we are still here for you, but CALL US FIRST. 


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